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Repairs & Additions

Repair Denture

You may fracture the denture base from dropping them, or accidentally sitting on them. A heavy bite or grinding, can fatigue the denture and cause it to crack. Sometimes it is a clean break, other times you see cracks starting to appear. You can also fracture teeth by dropping the denture or occasionally by biting something hard at the wrong angle. Sometimes a tooth may come off the denture- this is more likely to be due to a failure of the attachment to the denture base.

Same day repairs: $150

2 hour Emergency repairs: $200

Addition to Denture

Add a tooth depends on the location of the new tooth and the design of the denture. If the base of the denture, extends near to the tooth that needs to be added, the procedure is generally quite easy. It is easiest to add a tooth to a simple arcylic denture and more difficult to add to a valplast denture due to the nature of the material.

1 Tooth addition Arcylic: $300

1 Tooth addition Valpalst: $350

Denture Cleaning

While you wait: $75

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