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Occlusal Splints

Occlusal splints have proven to be the most beneficial treatment for patients who brux or clench their teeth. We make occlusal splints using thermoforming material, which can be moulded to the occlusal surfaces of the teeth to allow the patient to speak normally.

The Clearsplint with FLEX is self adjusting in the mouth when softened in warm water. The soft inner layer minimises discomfort when the splint is being placed for the very first time and after extended periods of not being worn.

Product Features:

      • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) free to eliminate allergy problems
      • Amine-free will not yellow with age always transparent
      • Breakage resistant stronger with greater stability

Our Soft Occlusal Splint is a thermoform product suited for patients that need a softer all-rounder splint. Suited for patients that can not handle the Clearsplint.

The Soft/Hard Thin Splint is a thin layer splint using our thermoform technology. This is a much thinner splint like the Tru-Tain retainer but with the added soft lining on the inside layer for comfort. Total thickness 1-1.5mm.

Occlusal Splint Types:

            • ClearSplint with FLEX (Astron)
            • Soft Occlusal Splint
            • Soft/Hard Thin Splint

To speak to our technicians about our occlusal splint products, call us on 07 3389 1168.

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