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We make custom mouthguards for both adults and children involved in contact sports. We construct our mouthguards using thermoform technology, which fits comfortably onto the occlusal surfaces of the teeth and allows the patient to speak and breathe easily.

All of our mouthguards are thin and comfortable and can be customised with colours and name label. (See colour chart below)

Product Features:

  • High impact absorbency
  • Latex-free ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Occlusal indentation
  • Customised thermoformed product to suit any need
  • Tested for biocompatibility

Single Layer Mouthguards

For junior sportspeople and those with protection from helmets, a light mouthguard protects the opposing teeth against each other.

Ideal for: junior sports, helmet sports and motorsports.

Specs: 1 layer, 2–3mm

Dual Layer Mouthguards

​Medium mouthguards offer protection for sports that may expose the jaw to a large surface impact. These mouthguards are for sports where extremely hard and pointed impacts may be received by the jaw.

Ideal for: boxing, cycling, basketball, football, judo, wrestling, riding, waterpolo and motocross, ice hockey, field hockey, squash, polo, rollerblading, kickboxing, karate and rugby

Specs: 2 layers, 3–5mm


To speak to our technicians about mouthguards, call us on 07 3389 1168.

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